#1 Preparing Your Home for the Market

Clean, Clean, Clean Remember, you are emulating a fine hotel room; all the comforts of home, but none of the clutter. Pack it up, store it, or throw it out. If you don’t plan to take the item with you when you move, get rid of it now. If you don’t need it or use it regularly, put it in storage. Clean the counter-tops, empty the windowsills, reduce the number of items on furniture to three, lighten the load in the closets and bookcases, empty the medicine cabinet, give away, sell, toss all the years of accumulation in the basement, garage, and attic. A move can be cathartic and satisfying, but it is also hard work. We appreciate that, but we also know the hard work will pay off.

EXTERIOR  • Lawn equipment • Toys • Gardening supplies • Extraneous vehicles •

INTERIOR: Photos • Valuables • Collections • Knick-knacks • Magazines and newspapers •

Paperwork If it doesn’t look or, even more importantly, smell clean, it isn’t. Deep, thorough cleaning will pay off. • Steam clean carpet • Polish wood and tile flooring • Steam clean draperies • Windows and windowsills • Baseboards • Walls and ceilings • Fireplace and chimney • Closets • Sinks • Appliances • Houseplants- if not perfect, remove • Kitchen- make it spotless • Bathrooms – spanking, shining clean. (regrout if necessary)

The next step in selling your home is to prepare it for showings. First impressions count. You want to allow potential buyers the opportunity to envision themselves living in your home.

It’s s all about staging your home. Some general guidelines do exist.

  • Cleanliness. A clean home will impress. Aside from the obvious—making sure that your home, including the yard, is orderly and clean—remove all clutter and unneeded items that take away from your home’s best features.
  • Paint. Freshly painted walls and décor in a neutral shade can go a long way to enhance the overall appearance of your home.
  • Curb Appeal. Take an objective look at your home’s curb appeal and make adjustments as needed.
  • Odors. If you have pets, make sure to eliminate damage or odor associated with them. And, be aware that if you smoke in your home, the lingering smell can turn many buyers away.

Request a home visit for your specific home needs.