The Paperwork

There are a lot of documents to sign in order to make the initial offer on a property. 

I am attaching a link to most of the papers. Some materials like Proof of funds are screenshots or a letter from your back saying you have cash for the purchase. We can get that ready as soon as possible, as well as the consumer notice and the Buyer Tennant agency agreement. I want to get you familiar with these forms, so when you decide to pull the trigger, you will have less stress than the overwhelming feeling most people have when confronted with so many documents.

 FYI: I fill out most of the documents, and you just have to sign, and that is all done electronically and very easy. But you should always know what you’re signing.

 Docs I send to the buyers to sign to make an offer: Link to Documents 

  1. • Consumer Notice: My legal obligations of fiduciary duties based on the level of relationship. 
  2. • Buyer (Tenant) Agency Agreement The contract that gives me the right to work on your behalf during the transaction as well as seeing listings. 
  3. • Proof of funds (Cash)if you’re a cash purchase, this is something as simple as a bank statement showing you have the funds to cover the purchase of the property. You can also provide a letter from your financial institution stating you have the funds to cover the amount needed to purchase. 
  4. • BFI if (Financing) This form is needed to shows that you can afford the purchase price and payments. • Pre-approval (Financing) This is your pre-approval; this is needed to submit an offer if your financing, so they know you are working with a financial institution, and they are willing to work with you on the purchase of a property. 
  5. • Buyers Closing Cost Sheet: This has to be provided to you to give you an IDEA of the monthly cost of your closing cost that will be needed for the purchase of the specific property. 
  6. • Sellers Disclosure: You will need to read and sign the seller’s disclosure and sign the document, so you state you understand the conditions of the property, and when updates, the seller has made. When working with trusts and estates, these documents may be blank and just signed at the bottom by the seller. 
  7. • Phila Lead Endorsement and PA Lead Endorsement if the burbs: any home built before 1978 has lead paint and needs you to acknowledge this fact. 
  8. • Authorization for settlement Services: this is for the broker and title company to make sure the title is clean and without any issues “Clouds” and work towards getting all documentation ready for closing. 
  9. • Deposit Money Notice: The information on who will receive deposit money and that is will be put into escrow until closing. 
  10. • Standard Agreement of Sale: This is your offer, how much, when you will be closing, what you want looked at by a professional, and what conditions you may have in your purchase of the property.