Made another Match: Great person with a Great Property with a view and killer bathtub!

It always starts with a list of wishes and needs. I like to always think of it as Inside, Outside, Price and location!

I research, set up searches and send out feelers. Then we are off on a day of showings and discussions. It’s better to know what you didn’t know you didn’t like sooner than later. (read that last sentence again, it will make sense.)

I had a painting made for her house warming gift.

I love looking at houses, the more I see the more I can compare to the rest of the inventor in my area. I like to make sure my clients are not going into any situation blindly. We will always find the right house for you. There are always new properties around the corner.

This property had was a bicoastal search, a relocation from Washington State. I sent a lot of emails, then sent listing while previewing homes ahead of time to see if it would be worth showing to my client. in a matter of 3 days, we went to 18 properties and we submitted the offer as the client was leaving for the airport.

My client and I work over the internet to complete any paperwork. I made sure inspections all were completed, the reply to inspection, the work needed to mitigate all flaws were completed and performed the final walkthrough. She trusted me to the point that at closing, It was just the selling agent and myself no buyer or seller. My client just gets to move in and make herself at home. Trust is what I take pride in and what makes my job so important to me.